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2018 Math Kangaroo!
Friday, March 16th

8:30am to 11:30am - Math Kangaroo Competition 2018 

10:30am to 1:30pm - MathFest 2018 Games, Foods, and Prizes. 

Math is a dreaded subject for many students. But not Friday, March 16th at GCC. Guam Community College will engage nearly 400 students from public and private schools to challenge their math skills during the international Math Kangaroo. Afterward, the GCC Education Department will host a Math Fest for the students, showing them how to use math in practical and fun ways. 

GCC has hosted the Math Kangaroo international competition for students from 1st to 12th grade for the past eight years. Math Kangaroo encourages students to master their mathematical knowledge, gives them confidence in their ability to comprehend math, helps them understand how math applies in nature's laws and human activities, and shows them that math education is significant in every part of the world, according to Steve Lam, GCC associate professor and Math Kangaroo Guam regional director.

"Math truly is a universal language," said Lam. “Four times four equals 16 in every language.”

“This is GCC’s 9th year to host Math Kangaroo,” added Carl Torres II, GCC Math Department chair. “This year we are engaging nearly 400 students – the most we’ve ever had, so the word is getting around that this math event is fun,” he said.