ARRA money became available at an optimal time for the college, because GCC has seen a nearly 41 percent increase in enrollment since 2007. Pacific Islanders are acquiring more education and skills in order to be able to compete for the jobs that will accompany any type of military buildup on Guam, coupled with increased tourist arrivals from nearby Asian countries. This enrollment spike far exceeded the increase anticipated in the GCC Institutional Strategic Master Plan 2009-2014. 

Prior to the acquisition of ARRA funding, the College struggled to upgrade increasingly antiquated facilities and create an improved learning environment for its growing student population. Several shovel-ready projects were awaiting funding sources. Thanks to ARRA, GCC now has two beautiful new buildings, a more sustainable campus, more student parking, a backup generator, a unified campus software system, and several other projects and programs that have benefitted our students and the community.

At GCC, we pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility, and on having effectively  used our ARRA funding in order to further the GCC mission: To be a leader in career and technical workforce development by providing the highest quality education and job training in Micronesia.

State Fiscal Stabilization Fund – Government Services Fund Projects - $6 M

 Completion of Learning Resource Center construction
 Student Center construction $4,154,755.00
 Northeast Campus Parking Area    $374,547.00
 Building D Generator
 Sungard Higher Education Unified Digital Campus system
 Automotive Paint Booth
 Fire Sprinkler System Riser for Buildings 500 and 600
 U.S. Department of Labor / Guam Department of Labor Grant 
Youth Employment Summer Program
Guam Dept. of Public Health & Social Services ARRA Grant
 Public Health Child Care Outreach
 GEO ARRA Projects  - $1,696,086 M 
  Energy Audit    
 Photovoltaics - Student Center A/E
 Photovoltaics - Allied Health Center A/E
 Photovoltaics - Parking Street Light Project
 Photovoltaics – Learning Resource Center
 Photovoltaics - Allied Health Center
 Photovoltaics - Parking Lot & Streetlights
 Photovoltaics - Student Center/Foundation Building

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