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The College offers credit, non-credit and professional development courses outside its regular schedule for students
interested in personal enrichment, skill training, computer software applications, National Industry Certifications
SHRM, CM, etc.), testing opportunities with PSI Services, LLC, PAN, Kryterion and Pearson Vue, or to meet
other academic needs. The College also hosts various conferences and workshops to enable participants to upgrade
their skills and knowledge in a variety of areas. We also offer Facilities Rental for business and
community use.

Community and Continuing Education courses are primarily skill-oriented and are designed to meet the specific training
needs of those seeking to upgrade their skills in the workplaces, as well as those seeking to develop work skills for entry
or re-entry into the work force. The courses vary in length, depending on the breadth and depth of the skill to be taught.

To register for Continuing Education courses, visit us today in the Student Services & Administration Building,
Bldg. 2000, Room 2122 / 2123.
Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Phone: (671) 735-5574/5640   Fax: (671) 734-5238
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