Student Organizations
The Council On Postsecondary Student Affairs (COPSA) is the recognized representative body for student governance for all officially registered Postsecondary and Adult High School students. COPSA serves as a voice for which student concerns are addressed to the GCC administration; plans student activities; approves student organization budgets; and ensures that the College fully considers the needs and interests of students in its decisions and offerings.

Student Organizations
Participating in a student organization at the Guam Community College provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop personally and professionally. Student organizations work in conjunction with the Council On Postsecondary Student Affairs (COPSA), in planning and implementing activities, events, and campus-wide programs to address the needs and interests of GCC students. Through active involvement in their campus community, students expand their circle of influence; gain an understanding of diversity; are instilled with a sense of ownership over their educational experience; and create a greater commitment to making GCC and their community a better place.  
For more information, contact the Center for Student Involvement
Location:  Student Center -- Building 5000, Room 5101
Office Hours:  8:00am - 5:00pm
Telephone:   671.735.5518 / 671.735.5519