GWHS CTE ECE Students at the 2015 Cardboard Challenge
Program Description

The secondary Early Childhood Education program trains individuals for entry-level or teaching assistant positions to work with young children in a variety of settings, including child care programs, developmental centers, or family home care programs.  Other early childhood settings may include Head Start programs, elementary schools, social services programs, and health care services.  These paraprofessionals plan appropriate experiences for children in areas such as language, health, movement, creativity, thinking, problem solving, self-concept and social behavior.  They may also supervise children’s activities, care for their needs, keep records of their progress, and confer with parents and other professionals.  Only courses which have a grade of “C” or better will be counted towards a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Mastery.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate ways to maintain a safe and healthy environment for young children.
  2. Develop and implement an integrated lesson and learning center that incorporates early childhood literacy and physical skills.
  3. Demonstrate basic knowledge of early childhood education and development.


  1. Demonstrate appropriate worksite behavior.
  2. Maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  3. Develop and implement an integrated lesson and/or learning centers that incorporate two developmental areas of early childhood.
  4. Demonstrate basic knowledge or early childhood development and put into practice at the worksite.
Career Pathway Opportunities
Students who enroll in the Work Experience Program at GCC can be placed in a local childcare center to practice skills and gain first hand experience in an early childhood setting. 
The GCC Advantage
Our instructors are highly trained in best practices for teaching and learning and employ various methods and strategies to achieve student learning outcomes, including hands-on activities, service learning, and collaborative work. They are nurturing and supportive, which eases the transition into college life for all students from those directly out of high school to those returning for an education later in life. Our classrooms are equipped with state of the art technological equipment, such as WiFi, SMART boards, iPads, digital cameras, and students may meet with any advisor. 

Academic Counseling
All students who enroll in GCC CTE programs offered at Guam's public high schools must do so through the GCC Career Counselor assigned to their respective high school. The Career Counselor can help you decide if enrollment in the CTE Early Childhood Education program is the most appropriate way for you to fulfill GDOE elective requirements and prepare for college and/or the workforce. The Career Counselor can also help you draft an educational plan that may allow you to graduate from high school with GCC postsecondary program credits, giving you a head start on your postsecondary associate degree or certificate.  
Contact Information
Location: Education Dept. E-Bldg. / First Floor / Room E-101
Telephone: 671.735.0265/0
Fax: 671.734.8330
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