Emergency Medical Technician Course (EMS103)
Course is offered every fall semester
This course is designed for ambulance service members and others who need to be trained to the level of EMT. Students will learn how to provide emergency care for victims of accidents and illness, recognize the nature and seriousness of the patient's condition, assess the patient's requirements for emergency care, and administer appropriate pre-hospital care to stabilize the patient's condition. Upon completion of this course, students will be eligible to test for the National Registry of EMT's (NREMT), national certifying examination. Formerly CJ103. Course Offering: Fall Semester Only.
Requirements for this course:
  • Students who wish to take this course must be 18 years or older and a high school graduate or equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Students will be required to submit a police and court clearance 30 days prior to the start of clinicals and ride along, or at the request of the instructor. These documents must be clear of any felonies, misdemeanors, charges, and/or violation of law. (This is a requirement of GMHA for students to complete clinical hours and GFD for students to complete ride along).
  • Place into EN100W or higher and MA095 or higher. 
  • Have a current BLS for Healthcare Providers card.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
1.   Describe all types of emergencies
2.   Demonstrate skills needed to provide emergency care to victims
3.   Determine the extent of a patient's condition and assess requirements for care.

EMS 103 CLASS OF 2017
For more information please email the Nursing & Allied Health Department:
Contact Information:
Dorothy-Lou Duenas, RN, MSN, Nursing & Allied Health Administrator:
Tamara Therese Hiura, NREMT, BLS
Nursing & Allied Health Administrative Assistant
Thank you to the Guam Fire Department Advanced Life Support Unit for a very informative presentation during the 2016 AHEC Summer Academy.
Adjunct Instructors:
Ignacio Rosario
Kevin T. San Nicolas
Jacques T. Santos
 GFD ALS, David Funes

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