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This is a list of the bids and proposals (RFP, RFI, etc...) for which the college has issued, as advertised
in the Pacific Daily News or Marianas Variety. All bid/proposal documents are available at the
Materials Management Office located on the 1st floor of the Student Services
and Administrative Bldg. 2000 in Room 2105 unless noted otherwise.

Important Notes
- Mandatory attendance is required for all Pre-Bid Conferences.
- Failure to attend the Pre-Bid Conference will result in the exclusion of your bid submission.
- There is a non-refundable fee for each bid package.
- Bid package may be purchased at the Cashier's Office located on the 1st floor of the Student Services and Administrative Bldg. 2000 in Room 2119. Office hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm on Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am - 12:00 noon on Friday. Closed on weekends and GovGuam holidays. 
- Bring your receipt to the Materials Management Office Room 2105 and sign in to pick up your bid package.

FY15 Bid No.:  **A PDF file of bid package is available upon request please email:  materialsmanagement@guamcc.edu
Bid Description:
Bid Awarded To: 
**GCC-FB-15-001 Information Technology Equipment:  
PC Desktop, PC Laptop, PC Ultrabook, Security Locking Systems, Software
& Tablet
 Bid Opening: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 19, 2014
**GCC-FB-15-002 Repair & Return-to-Service GCC's
Domestic Water System to Buildings
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference: 10:00 a.m., Thursday, November 13, 2014.
Bid Opening: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 20, 2014
Automotive Supplies, Service &
Specialty Tools
Bid Opening: 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 25, 2014
FY14 Bid No.: Bid Description:
 Bid Awarded To: 
CACGP Intervention Program for
At-Risk Middle and High School 
  Pending Evaluation
 **GCC-FB-14-022 Development, Installation,    Commissioning & Transitioning of
the  GCC's Campus-Wide Fire
Alarm &  Mass Notification System  
Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference:         10:00 a.m.,Thursday, September 4,   2014
Mandatory Site Visit: 10:00 a.m., Monday, September 8, 2014 
 Bid Opening: 10:00 a.m., Monday, November 24, 2014
 **GCC-FB-14-021 Marine Terrestrial & Conservation Enforcement Academy Vehicles & 
 Atkins Kroll (Guam), Coral Reef  Marine Center, and Cycles Plus 
 Upgrade of GCC Buildings 4000,3000
 & 1000 Electrical Panels, and with  Power-Line Conditioning Systems  
    Z4 Corporation
 Building 200 Furniture & Equipment    ComPacific, Hanssem Pacific, 
 and M80 Systems, Inc.
 **GCC-FB-14-018 Building 200 LAN-WAN Equipment  
 G4S Security Systems Guam Inc.
 **GCC-FB-14-017    Network Switch Upgrade 2014 Pacific Data Systems
 Campus-Wide Identification &
Key  Access System
 **GCC-FB-14-015 Security Guard Services Pacific Island Security Agency
 **GCC-FB-14-014 Grounds Maintenance Service JJ Global
 **GCC-FB-14-013 PhotoVoltaic Parking Lot Lamps No Award
 **GCC-FB-14-012 Exterior Amenities (Iron Benches,
Metal  Trash Bins & Recycling
 JTC Services Guam
 **GCC-FB-14-011 CACGP Summer Bridge Catering  Services B & G Pacific
 **GCC-FB-14-010     Network Switch Upgrade 2014     Cancelled
 **GCC-FB-14-009        CACGP 2014 College Readiness
&  Financial Aid Videos and

 No Award

 **GCC-FB-14-008  Administrative and Instructional Supplies  Standard Office Supply, National  Office Supply, WestSource MSM,  JC Marketing, Micronesia Guam,  Inc.
 **GCC-FB-14-007  Custodial Supplies
 WestSource MSM, Sunny Wholesale, Benson Guam Enterprises, MD Wholesale, JC Marketing, Micronesia Guam, Inc.
 **GCC-FB-14-006     Trash Collection Services HCP Inc., dba Lagu Sanitation
 **GCC-FB-14-005  GCC-CACGP Promotional Items
(to  include the imprint of logos)
American Printing, Horizon Pacific, Hornet International, The Vernon Company
 **GCC-FB-14-004     Lease of Multifunction (copying, printing,  scanning, & faxing) Devices for 60  Months

Xerox Corporation

 **GCC-FB-14-003     Grounds Maintenance Services


 **GCC-FB-14-002     Kitchen Ventilations & Fire Suppression  Hood (includes installation)

  No Award


 Information Technology Equipment -
PC  Desktop, PC Laptop,
PC Ultrabook, Bulk Security Locking System for Multiple Computers

Sanford Technology Group and Data Management Resources


FY14 RFQ No.: RFQ Description: RFQ Awarded To:
GCC-RFQ-14-012 Generator RepairsFleet Services & Repair
GCC-RFQ-14-011    Campus Wide Elevator Services RFQ to be re-issued
GCC-RFQ-14-010 Installation of Classroom Doors with Observation Windows Genesis-Tech Corporation 
GCC-RFQ-14-009 Upgrade of Bldg.600's Primary & Secondary Electrical Panels & Restoration of Electrical Outlets Genesis-Tech Corporation
GCC-RFQ-14-008                                Upgrade of Building 600's Eastern, Metal Wall Panels & Beams Submission Deadline: Friday, March 28, 2014
GCC-RFQ-14-007                               CACGP 2014 College Readiness &    Financial Aid Videos & CommercialsGreenlight Media Productions Inc.
GCC-RFQ-14-006 Installation of Photo-Voltaic Pathway Lighting along Buildings 3000, 4000, 5000
Pacific-Green Intergrated
Technology Inc.
GCC-RFQ-14-005 Part 2 Campus-wide NonPV-LED Parking Lot Lamps Submission Deadline: Friday, March 14, 2014
GCC-RFQ-14-004 Construction of a Concrete, ADA Pathway along Bldg. 5000's Northeast Exterior Genesis Tech Corporation
GCC-RFQ-14-003 Campus-wide Installation of Speed Humps The Americana Supplier 
GCC-RFQ-14-002 Replacement of Corroded Plumbing for 2000's East-wing Fire Suppression System Genesis-Tech Corporation
GCC-RFQ-14-001 Installation of ADA-compliant Door Closure in Bldg. 5000 (Rooms 5204 & 5213) Masoud & Company
FY14 RFI No.:


Travel Related Services   

Horizon Travel, First Class Travel, Travel Pacificana, ITSA Getaway Travel, Travel Bag, & Expo Travel
FY13 Bid No.: Bid Description:    Bid Awarded To:
**GCC-FB-13-019 Multiple Broadband Internet Services

GTA Teleguam Holdings, LLC and Docomo Pacific

**GCC-FB-13-018 Brownfields Assessment, Site Investigations & Remedial Action Plan Alternatives

PCR Environmental Inc.

**GCC-FB-13-017    Professional Grade Automotive and Autobody Tools and Equipment BMI Automotive LLC, dba NAPA Auto Parts, & JMI Edison

A. Medical Equipment B. Classroom Furniture C. Medical Software

Henry Schein Medical Systems, Inc. JC Marketing, JMI Edison, MD Wholesales, USA Contractors

**GCC-FB-13-015 Distance Education (DE) Strategic Plan Development No Bid Submission
60 months Lease of Equipment and Services - Inclusive of photocopying, dedicated scanning, & multi-function (printing, scanning, faxing & copying) equipment

Re-issued as GCC-FB-14-004


Various Campus-wide Improvements    
1. Electrical Line Conditionings    
2. Typhoon Shutter Installations 
3. Restroom Renovations

Z4 Corporation

Perimeter Fencing of the GCC's Ponding Basin and Firing Range

JJ Global Services


Catering Services (Breakfast & Lunch)    B&G Pacific, LLG


Equipment Lease and Services of photocopying, dedicated, & multi-function (printing, scanning, faxing & copying) devices

GCC-FB-13-009 Campus-wide Lighting Retrofits

G4S Security Systems (Guam) Inc.

GCC-FB-13-008    As-Built, Maintenance & Upgrade of GCC's (Fire) Alarm System

No bid submission

GCC-FB-13-007    WESCOM Network Equipment (Gateway Expansion Project)
Pacific Data Systems
GCC-FB-13-006    GCC Bldg. 200 Renovation Propacific Builders Corp.
GCC-FB-13-005    Guam Community College Bookstore Point of Sales (POS) System    ComputerWorks of Chicago
GCC-FB-13-004    Banquet Services - Function Dates: February 9, 2013, March 9, 2013, April 6, 2013, and April 20, 2013 No bid submission
GCC-FB-13-003    4 door, 4 cylinder, automatic transmission sedan
Cars Plus, LLC
GCC-FB-13-002  Credit Collection Services
Guam Marianas Collection Agency
GCC-FB-13-001 Administrative, Instructional, and Custodial Supplies    Standard Office Supply, National Office Supply, West Source, MSM, Benson, USA Contractors Inc., Micronesia Guam, Inc, & JC Marketing
Thank you for your interest and support in our educational endeavors!
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