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GCC Bookstore Hours:
Monday - Friday   9:00 am to 3:00 pm

GCC Bookstore's Book Price Listing & Book Rental Price Listing
A Current Semester ID and class schedule are required when purchasing books at the bookstore. In addition, when purchasing with Financial aid (i.e. Pell Grant, Apprenticeship, VA etc.) a Deferment letter must be presented to cashier at the time of purchase. 
Bookstore Return Policy: 
  •  No Refunds will be processed if the textbook packaging is opened or damaged.
  • A restocking fee will not be assessed if a textbook is returned within three (3) working days after purchase. Note: All returns must be accompanied by the original receipt.
  • A 30% restocking fee will be assessed if a textbook is returned after three (3) working days after purchase. 
  • The 30% restocking fee will be waived if classes are canceled by the Admissions Office.
  • No returns will be accepted after the end of the second week of the current semester.
  • Textbooks that are incomplete or missing pages need to be reported immediately. The GCC Bookstore staff makes the determination on a case-by-case basis. 
Contact Information:
Bookstore Manager: Daniel Okada
Office Phone: 671-735-6017 
Bookstore Phone: 671-735-6018 
Location: Foundation Bldg. 6000, Room 6104

Esther LA Castro
Administrative Aide
GCC Bookstore / Materials Management Office
Bookstore Phone: 671-735-6018
Email: bookstore@guamcc.edu 
Location: Foundation Bldg.6000, Room 6104 

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