GCC CTE ProStart Program at George Washington High School
 GWHS ProStart students prepared a four-course luncheon for George Washington High School’s visiting WASC Accreditation Team on March 12, 2012. They demonstrated proper sanitation techniques in serving food, banquet plate service mise en place both in the dining room and the kitchen, culinary techniques, and customer service.

Program Description

The goal of the three-year Tourism & Hospitality ProStart program is to prepare students for entry-level to semi-skilled positions in the restaurant and foodservice industry and the tourism and hospitality industry. The intended learning outcomes were developed using the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation.

ProStart I  is an overview of the restaurant and  food industry and provides the foundation skills required for students to proceed through ProStart. It  introduces high school sophomores to careers in food service and provides students with basic skills and knowledge  essential for success in the program.  The student will learn the fundamentals of foodservice operations which include food safety, workplace safety, culinary math, nutrition, and guest service with emphasis on application of professional  standards.   Laboratory experiences include application of principles of basic  food preparation such as breakfast,  egg, and vegetable  cookery and garde manger.  Students will acquire work ethics and interpersonal skills necessary to excel in work environment.

ProStart II  covers a comprehensive hands-on experience in food production principles and methods. Emphasis is placed on knife skills,  safety and sanitation, flavoring, seasonings, recipe conversion, measurements, terminology used in the kitchen,  meat fabrication and butchery; vegetable, starch, and protein cookery;  sauces, dessert preparation, and plate presentation.  Upon completion, students should be able to plan, execute, and successfully serve entrees with complementary side items. Students eligible to participate  in the work experience component of the program may begin their internship at this time. At the end of the course, students may take the NRAEF Solutions' Year One Exam. 

ProStart III is a continuation for ProStart II and covers advanced food production and restaurant management skills. Students will experience preparation of representative foods from different countries and regions of the world, including America, emphasizing on ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques. Students will gain understanding of purchasing, receiving, and storing practices in quality foodservice operations as well as marketing of products and services. At the completion of the course, students will take the NRAEF Solutions' Year Two Exam and have completed a total of 400 hours of work experience in the foodservice industry.

Laboratory Activities - Students will gain hands-on experience in a simulated environment to master portable, transferable skills that will be of value in many different work environments.
Technology - Students will apply basic computer skills to fulfill course requirements such as resume writing, spreadsheet applications, PowerPoint presentations and publications.  In addition, students will also conduct research through the Internet.
Work Experience programs in the lodging and foodservice industries will give practical on-the-job training to master competencies that are integral to the success of the industry.  In addition, students are encouraged to pursue post-secondary education and to explore a wide variety of careers found in the hospitality industry.

GWHS Tourism Academy
The GWHS ProStart Program along with the GWHS Lodging Management Program form the GWHS Tourism Academy. The academy concept allows a cohort of students who work closely with a cadre of academy teachers in sequential courses that will prepare them for college and career.

Career Opportunities
The George Washington ProStart Program has been very successful in preparing students for entry-level and career-sustaining employment in many of the major hotel chains operating on the island of Guam as well as independent Foodservice Operations.

GCC Advantage

The GCC secondary ProStart Program curriculum offered in this school mirrors what is offered in all GDOE high schools. A student who transfers to another high school is assured a smooth transition and continuation of their tourism and hospitality education. The GCC ProStart Program has also kept pace with the growth in technology in the workplace. ProStart classrooms are equipped with computers and high speed Internet. The program is taught by highly qualified faculty who have the professional credentials as Certified Hospitality Educators (CHE) and Certified Food and Beverage Executives from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. Another advantage is the program is supported by Career Technology Education (CTE) counselors who assist students with progressing through the requirements, assuring successful completion of the three-year program.  Students have the option of either receiving a certificate of completion or a certificate of mastery. Finally, GWHS ProStart Program students seeking to continue their tourism and hospitality education are eligible to receive six college credits upon enrolling in the Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts or the Food and Beverage Management degree programs at the Guam Community College.

Course Requirements
VETT055*, VETT065*, VETT075*
*Required for Certificate of Completion
*Required for Certificate of Mastery + 180 hours of Work Experience

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
•    Identify careers in the foodservice industry and demonstrate skills in completing a job application, preparing a resume and cover letter.
•    Explain the principles of food preparation and demonstrate skills in handling a knife, kitchen tools and equipment; and techniques of food preparation.
•    Explain the importance of quality customer service and demonstrate acceptable dining room service procedures.
•    Explain the importance of food safety and sanitation standards and demonstrate food safety and sanitation procedures in the kitchen.
•    Demonstrate positive work ethics in the performance of tasks.
Demonstrate a variety of cooking methods and demonstrate skills in food presentation.
Reinforce personal hygiene habits, safety and sanitation practices in the production of foods.
Apply cost control technique to foodservice operations.
Apply self-management and interpersonal skills.
•    Describe the origin, ingredients, flavor, and cooking techniques essential in the preparation of foods from different countries and regions and produce a range of authentic dishes centering on flavor and specific techniques.
•    Describe proper purchasing, receiving, and storing practices in quality foodservice operations.
•    Apply cost control techniques to foodservice operations.
•    Apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned and acquired through practicum.

Program Mission
The Lodging Management Program (LMP) provides students the skills and competencies required to achieve career choices and to create an understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry.

Contact Information

Mr. Frank Evangelista, CFBE, CHE
GCC Building 300, Rm. 304

Mrs. Hernalin Analista (CTE counselor)
Counseling Office - GWHS

Mr. Norman Aguilar, CHE (Dept. Chair)
GCC campus, Building 300, Room 302