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Associate of Arts Degree

“Guam Community College meets and in some cases, exceeds WACS Standards of Quality Culinary Education."
John Clancy, 
World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) Education Chairman/Director of Education 
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Associate of Arts, 
Culinary Arts 
Culinary Arts Program 
The Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy and employs over 10 million food service workers in the United States. The expansion and growth of hotels, restaurants, tour companies, airlines, tourist attraction facilities, and related services have created vast career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry and more so in the culinary arts field. The GCC Culinary Arts program is THE PROGRAM that Guam's top chefs turn to for culinary personnel. Our Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts degree is accredited by the American Culinary Federation (ACF), and has been accepted into the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program.  

General Education Requirements 
Enrollment in any Culinary Arts technical requirement course requires the student to be declared in Culinary Arts a approved by the Department Chairperson.

Career Opportunities
Food and Beverage workers make up one of the largest and fastest growing occupational groups in our labor force. The expansion of businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and catering firms have widened the career opportunities for those with the proper motivation and training. The entry-level position available in this industry is as a cook’s assistant. With further education, as provided for through this program and experience, possible positions range from Comis-Chef, Demi-Chef, Chef de Partie, Sous Chef, Executive Sous Chef and eventually Executive Chef.

The GCC Advantage
Students in the GCC Culinary Arts program have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from famous chefs in Guam's five-star hotels. These hotels often hire Culinary Arts students upon program completion. GCC Culinary Arts graduates are also awarded certification by the American Culinary Federation, thanks to the GCC Culinary Arts program having been awarded ACF accreditation in February 2018.

Student Job Placement Rate:
46% of graduates (or 11 of 24) who received an A.S. in Culinary Arts in AY2014-15 were employed in a job related to their field.
50% of graduates (or 5 of 10) who received an A.S. in Culinary Arts in AY2015-16 were employed in a job related to their field.
Note: (1) Jobs related to A.S. in Culinary include chefs, cooks, and kitchen helper.  (2) The percentage of graduates employed is based on students who were able to be contacted.

2018 ACF Certified Culinarian​s as of April 27, 2018.​
Chandler Vicente Kosaka Aguon
Chelsea Jannae C. Atoigue
William D. Cabuhat
Maynard Manalac Calilung
Marivic Sibal Capati
Reen S. Cosca
Anne Gelika Mamuyac Elenzano
Nicholas James Mateo Enriquez
Augustine Ballon Ignacio
Lucia Ann B. Magada
Darlene Guinto Manalac
Aidan Miller
Valerie Reynolds
Gionfranco C. Slater
Rotessa T. Sumpay
Kevin C. Sun
Linh U Therrien
Mavielhen Joy Carlos Tranate

Academic Advising
All students who declare a major are assigned an Academic Advisor. Students are strongly urged to visit your advisor, who can help you draft an educational plan with course sequencing that meets your personal, academic, and career goals.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the AA in Culinary Arts program, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge in culinary terms, methods and applications.
  • Interpret the fundamentals of food service as they apply to the work of a culinary practitioner.
  • Demonstrate positive work ethic as required of them in the culinary arts field.

Program Mission

The mission of the Culinary Arts program is to introduce students to careers in the field of Culinary Arts and provide them the basic skills and knowledge they will need to achieve success. Students will experience all aspects of the Culinary Arts as they build good business and management skills.

Contact Information
Location:  Building 2000, Room 2132 
Phone: 671.735.5581
Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
e-mail: culinary.info@guamcc.edu

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