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Associate of Science Degree


Program Description

The Foodservice Management program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in key positions in the restaurant and foodservice industry. Graduates will possess restaurant and foodservice management competencies and leadership values needed to begin or advance in this industry. The Foodservice Management Program aligns with the National Restaurant Association (NRA) ManageFirst® curriculum that is framed around knowledge and skills identified by the restaurant industry as important for a successful career in the industry. By completing the NRA required 800-hour work experience portion of the program, graduates have the option to earn the NRA ManageFirst® Professional (MFP) or Foodservice Management Professional (FMP) credential. (Note: This program was formerly known as the A.S. in Food and Beverage Management.)
Degree Requirements

Career Opportunities
As one of the fastest growing industries, the Foodservice industry employs over 10 million food service workers in the United States. Foodservice workers make up one of the largest and fastest growing occupational groups in our labor force. The expansion of businesses such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and catering firms have widened the career opportunities for those with the proper motivation and training. 

In addition to the GCC General Education Requirements, Foodservice Management students must take CUL 145 Culinary Math to fulfill the math requirement; PY 125 Interpersonal relations to fulfill Social and Behavioral Science, and JA 110 Beginning Japanese I to fulfill Humanities and Fine Art requirement for a minimum of 19-20 General Education Requirements.
The GCC Advantage
GCC's faculty in the Foodservice Management program are all former industry professionals with close ties to all the major hotels and restaurants on island. These connections provide GCC students with work experience and practicums that in most cases lead to employment opportunities and careers in this fast-growing industry.

Academic Advising
All students who declare a major are assigned an Academic Advisor. Students are strongly urged to visit your advisor, who can help you draft an educational plan with course sequencing that meets your personal, academic, and career goals.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  • Model a customer-oriented work ethic.
  • Manage resources to maintain fiscal responsibility as it relates to the food service industry.
  • Prioritize functions within a complex work environment.
Program Mission
The mission of the Foodservice Management program is to enable students to master skills and build knowledge in the areas of bartending and dining room service, food and beverage cost control, service leadership and human resource management. These skills will enable graduates to eventually managing restaurants, bars or entertainment venues, catering companies or hotel food service operations. Students will also acquire knowledge of the technical and computer applications that are revolutionizing the industry, and develop the communications and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in this career field.

Contact Information
Location: Room 2137, Building 2000
Phone: 671.735.5629
Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

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