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The GCC Construction Trades Department offers Certification and Degrees in the following programs:

Our programs are designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge, skills and competencies to enter the workforce and then to advance as technology changes. We strive to prepare students for industry specific and national certifications in Construction and Engineering Trades. Through a constant and vigilant assessment process, we continue to adjust and align our courses and programs to address industry demands.  We focus on student success, knowledge and competency by providing valuable learning opportunities and certification in construction skills to meet the needs of the individual, industry and the community.

How Construction Trades and Engineering courses can help you in your career                                                                                                                        
Our courses are designed to take all students through an intensive array of classes that start from the very basic skills and end with the most technical or complex classes just before graduation. This process ensures that our students are prepared for the work place. Regardless of the trade, technology has changed the requirements of every job and we are ready to ensure our students success by making sure they are well rounded and competent.
The GCC Advantage
The GCC Construction Department continuously strives to be at the forefront of Career and Technical workforce development. We provide students with the latest equipment and products that mirror real world experience. We combine comprehensive book knowledge with hands on competencies, so students have a real world connection with the applications before entering the workforce.

Academic Advising
The Construction Department is always ready to assist you.  All of our faculty are willing to sit down with you and discuss your academic plans and career path. Please give us a call or email. We are here to help you have a great experience at GCC. 

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
All courses offered in our department have clear and sound Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Every one of our faculty strive to assist you in achieving the SLOs of the courses that you choose. Please refer to the course catalog for the SLOs in each course.

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