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Unique by its mandate, Guam Community College (GCC) was established in 1977 by Public Law 14-77 to serve both secondary and postsecondary student levels. GCC is located on a 22-acre site in the central part of the island in the village of Mangilao. GCC is the only community college on Guam and its primary service area is the island. The College enjoys an excellent reputation for quality career and technical education programs and serves a predominant number of Micronesian and Asian students.

The College is responsible for all career-technical education programs on Guam. It has a significant role in the five public high schools by offering programs in Tourism, Marketing, Visual Communications, Allied Health, Construction Trades, Electronics, AutoCad and Automotive Services with an average enrollment of over 2,000 students at any given time. Thirty-seven full-time GCC faculty members provide the instruction using GCC curriculum and five career counselors guide students through their programs. The relationship between the Guam Public School System (GPSS) and the College is managed through a Memorandum of Agreement and monthly joint meetings. GCC programs are often mentioned as highlights in the accrediting reports for each of the schools. On campus the College also offers Adult Education programs: Adult High School, ESL, GED, Basic Skills, and Family Literacy.

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