Keep Your Guard Up!

“Keep Your Guard Up” is the Governor of Guam’s initiative to assist the high number of unemployed men and women serving in the Guam Army National Guard. The main objective of this initiative? To provide our returning heroes with training and skills that will not only help them, but benefit Guam as a whole. The Governor of Guam, the Guam Army National Guard, the Guam Community College, and a number of other dedicated professionals are working in concert to assist these brave men and women that have recently returned from serving their country in Afghanistan. One aspect of this initiative includes a “fast-track” training program for our returning soldiers. This accelerated program, run through GCC, aims to equip the soldiers with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain national industry certifications along with a National Career Readiness Certificate. In addition, this program will also help kick start their college careers by providing an opportunity to receive college credits that can be applicable to an Associate Degree or GCC certificate.
Automotive - General Service Technician
A+ Certification Preparation
Construction Trades - Electricity
Construction Trades - HVAC
Construction Trades - Heavy Equipment & Truck Driving
Construction Trades - Welding
Emergency Medical Technician Preparation
Supervision & Management
NOTE:  "KEEP YOUR GUARD UP" is a PILOT PROGRAM for GUAM ARMY NATIONAL GUARD SOLDIERS who recently returned from their one-year deployment to Afghanistan and is NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.
GCC CONTACT:       Mr. Pascual Artero     (735.5574)
GUARD CONTACT: 1LT Janette H. Sudo  (735.0458)