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Development & Alumni Relations
Support the Guam Community College Foundation in a way that best fits your lifestyle!

Ways to Give
Guam Community College is an excellent investment.  Giving to GCC is easy and there are many ways in which you can show your support.  Every gift makes a difference in a student’s life. 

Annual Giving
Every gift really does matter. A little goes a long way at GCC. When you make a gift to the College, you join the thousands of alumni, friends, faculty and staff who support the GCC Foundation Annual Fund each year. All of those gifts add up in a big way. Make yours today!

Cash/Check Gifts (Outright Gifts)
Guam Community College is an excellent investment. A cash gift is the simplest and most immediate way to support the Guam Community College Foundation and has an immediate impact on students’ lives and our programs. Cash or credit card gifts can be made as one-time gifts or monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions and are deductible for income tax purposes in the year in which they are contributed (up to 50% of adjusted gross income for the taxable year).

Gifts By Credit Card
You may also call the Development & Alumni Relations office at (671) 735-5611/5554/5516 and our staff will process your request for a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual cash gift by credit card immediately.

For GCC Employees - Gifts Through Payroll Deductions
Whether small or large, a regular deduction from your payroll is an easy way to support GCC students and programs. Call ((671) 735-5611/5554/5516 and our staff will process your request immediately, or complete and sign our Giving Form to designate your total gift amount and amount of monthly deductions. Deductions can be set up for a specific period of time or indefinitely until changed.  For details, please see Employee Workplace Giving.

Gift By Pledge
A donor may also pledge a cash gift amount to be paid over a specific period of time. For example, an individual may pledge a gift of $10,000 to the Grow, Green, Give capital campaign to be paid over five years. Arrangements can be made for payroll deductions, automatic transfer, or we can bill you as agreed.

To pledge a cash gift to the Foundation, call (671) 735-5611/5554/5516  and our staff will process your request immediately, or complete and sign our Pledge Form (alumni, friends, family brochure).

Gifts Through Corporate Gift Matching
Many companies match employee contributions to charitable causes. Matching gifts are an additional contribution over and above a donor’s personal gift pledge. A dollar-for-dollar match is common, and some companies donate a two-to-one ratio or more for every dollar an employee contributes. Some companies even match the contributions of their retirees. Please don’t miss this opportunity to double or even triple the value of your contribution. Contact the human resources office at your workplace for details.

* The information on this page is not meant as tax advice. To fully understand any implications of your intended contribution for income tax purposes, please consult a professional tax advisor.

Gifts of stock and other securities
Making a gift of appreciated stock and other securities is easy. A transfer can be as simple as a phone call and a written confirmation. For tax purposes, your gift is considered complete on the day that you turn over control of the securities.

The value of the gift is its fair market value on that day, and you pay no tax on the capital gains. If the securities are traded daily on a recognized exchange, the value is the average between the high and low prices for that day.

Download the Gifts of Stock Contribution Form


Gifts In-Kind – Many types of equipment and supplies are welcome and are useful for instructional purposes.

Non-cash Gifts
A non-cash gift also called an in-kind gift, is a non-monetary contribution of personal property or professional services that benefit GCC in a variety of ways.  In-kind gifts can typically be split into two different categories: those used for educational purposes by a specific program and those used for fundraising purposes.

In-Kind Gifts Used For Educational Purposes
One of the biggest costs for the college is the need for upgraded equipment in our dozens of professional/technical programs. Your gift of equipment has an immediate impact on our instructional capability. From culinary arts to nursing, from an engine for the diesel program to exercise equipment for a wellness class, college programs welcome donor support.

Talk with the department to which your donation would be directed to discover how you or your company can become a benefactor to one of our 26 career programs.  Here are examples of equipment that has been donated in the past:

  • Up-to-date electronics and cabling equipment

  • Vehicles, motors

  • Diesel engines, tools and machinery

  • Medical and lab equipment

  • Library DVDs and subscriptions

Donors should contact the benefiting program or the Development & Alumni Relations office at (671) 735-5611/5554/5516 to learn if the proposed non-cash contribution would be appropriate for the College.

In-Kind Gifts Used For Fundraising Purposes
The Guam Community College Foundation also welcomes items and services that can be auctioned off during fundraising events. Examples include:

  • Gift baskets, gift certificates for products and services

  • Tickets (music, theatre, sports events, travel, etc.)

  • Vacation home and rental property at various times throughout the year

  • Use of facilities, food, beverages, or decoration for fundraising events

  • Event sponsorships and cause-related marketing

  • Professional services and expertise

Contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office at (671) 735-5611/5554/5516 to learn if the proposed non-cash contribution would be appropriate for the College.

Download Non-Cash Gift Acceptance Form

Volunteer...A community of working partners
There are many ways to support Guam Community College. Aside from monetary gifts, the GCC Foundation greatly depends on individuals and businesses to volunteer time, expertise, and services.

Thank you for giving the gift of your time and assisting students in achieving dreams!

Volunteer your talent, experiences, and services to:

  • Providing cooperative work experiences or internship opportunities for students

  • Serving on advisory boards, business committees, or college/foundation boards

  • Becoming a corporate sponsor of a specific project, campaign, fundraiser

  • Providing free advertising or public relations (radio, television, printed media)

  • Providing guest speakers/instructors for programs or events

  • Providing professional or consulting services in area of expertise (graphic arts/design, advertising, marketing, public relations, technical support services, strategic planning, etc.)

  • Special event planner, organizer, or performer

  • Department and program

  • Project or initiative

  • Administrative or fundraising function or special event

To join our community of working partners, contact the department of interest directly or contact the Development & Alumni Relations office at (671) 735-5611/5554/5516.

Download the Volunteer Pledge Form

A Planned Gift today can benefit GCC tomorrow.  Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Planned Giving?

What are Planned Gifts?
There are two types:  current (outright) deferred (testamentary)

Planned gifts may possess one or a combination of the following characteristics:

  • Gift is made upon death

  • Gift involves lifetime financial benefits to the donor

  • Gift is structured to minimize estate, gift or income taxes – often avoidance of capital gains

  • Retirement Plan Gifts (IRA, 401K, 403B, 457)

  • Life Insurance

  • Real Estate

How to Plan

Before you make your will and/or other estate plans, be well prepared.

  • Make a list of the people you want to include in your plans--family, special friends, employees and charitable interests.

  • List the property you wish to distribute--include securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement plans, and personal possessions.

  • Consider ways to match the people with the property.

  • Finally, list any professional planners you may need to consult--for instance your attorney, banker, accountant, tax advisor, or representatives of a charitable recipient.

Download Planned Giving Options Case Statement

Download the Donor’s Guide to Making a Difference