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Student Organizations

Council on Postsecondary Student Affairs (COPSA)

The Council on Postsecondary Student Affairs (COPSA) is the recognized representative body for student governance for all officially registered Postsecondary and Adult High School students. COPSA serves as a voice for which student concerns are addressed to the GCC administration; plans student activities; approves student organization budgets, and ensures that the College fully considers the needs and interests of students in its decisions and offerings.  


Student Organizations 

Participating in a student organization at the Guam Community College provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop personally and professionally. Student organizations work in conjunction with the Council on Postsecondary Student Affairs (COPSA), in planning and implementing activities, events, and campus-wide programs to address the needs and interests of GCC students. Through active involvement in their campus community, students expand their circle of influence; gain an understanding of diversity; are instilled with a sense of ownership over their educational experience, and create a greater commitment to making GCC and their community a better place.

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For more information, contact the

Center for Student Involvement (CSI)
(671) 735-5518
(671) 735-5519
Student Center, Room 5101
8 AM - 5 PM

Council on Postsecondary Student Affairs (COPSA)
(671) 735-8887

Student Center, Room 5102



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2021 - 2022 GCC Student Organizations & Advisor Listing

Administrative Professionals Society (APS)

To equip students with technology, communication, and professional skills necessary for successful employment in an office environment; to build office knowledge and expertise by providing valuable learning opportunities in technology, communication, and professional skills to meet the needs of the individual and the community; to enable students to be life-long learners excelling in the use of office technology and adapting to the technological needs of today's global workforce; to participate in the development and promotion of Office Technology policies and programs through study and action, including community, cultural interests, education, and international relations.    

Jonah Concepcion

Tonirose Concepcion

Catherine Leon Guerrero

Adult High School Student Organization (AHSSO)

To represent all officially registered Adult High School students and to serve as a voice to COPSA in submitting student issues, problems, and concerns for the Adult High School students; to create student forums and to exercise initiative in addressing issues; to officially represent the Adult High School students in matters pertaining to College policies, student rights, and programs; to implement activities that encourages community service; to work cooperatively with College personnel in assisting the Adult High School Student Organization with achieving its mission.
Rose Marie Nanpei
Sharon Oliveros

Anthony Roberto
Patricia Terlaje

Association of Junior Accountants (AJA)

To foster the growth of the accounting & finance communities in Guam Community College (GCC) and aid organizations associated with these communities.

Pilar Pangelinan

Business Organization for Student Success (BOSS)

To serve its diverse membership as a professional organization, providing leadership and career-oriented opportunities to develop and enchance tomorrow's leaders. A college marketing organization. 

Nita Jean Cepeda

Cosmetologists United Together (CUT)

To provide opportunities for students pursuing an Industry Certification in Cosmetology to engage in fellowship and creative self-expression.

Janice Aguon

Francine Taman

Culinary Arts Student Association (CASA)

To represent all culinary students and to serve as a voice for which CASA's student program issues and concerns are addressed appropriately; to create opportunities and activities for culinary students; to take the lead in fostering Culinary Arts educational growth, cultural and social assimilation, ethnic appreciation and equal access to all college Culinary Arts programs and activities; to officially represent the Culinary Arts program in matters concerning College policies, student rights and programs within the Culinary Arts program.

Bertrand Haurillon
Paul Kerner

Kennylyn Miranda

Digital Arts Society (DAS)

To promote the digital arts culture among Guam Community College students through social, economic, educational and community activities relative to the field of Visual Communications; to assist in the growth and development of DAS members by providing a venue for them to apply their talents with others who share the same interest and passion for the arts; to enhance the learning experience for students of Visual Communications by conducting seminars and workshops that inspires the derivation of practical knowledge and exploration of available technology and resources; and to represent the Visual Communications program within the College, the community, and to prospective Visual Communications students.
Nita Jean Cepeda

Fencing Club

Dedicated to encouraging, promoting, supervising, and developing the modern sport of fencing at GCC and to the participation of its members in competitions.

Eric Ji

Human Services Student Organization (HSSO)

To enable members to learn more about the fields of Human Services and Social Sciences through the act of volunteerism and community service activities; to support the activities of Human Services and Social Sciences and promote community awareness throughout Guam Community College, the public school system, and other organizations on the island; to create opportunities for members to be able to apply their classroom skills and knowledge of the profession out in the community to gain hands on experience of the different types of services provided on Guam; recruit students into the Human Services Program; and to encourage the GCC community to engage in service opportunities on island.

Jonah Concepcion

Tonirose Concepcion

Theresa Datuin

Jose Munoz

Ronaldo Paulino

Medical Assistant Students Organization (MASO)

To enable medical assisting students to enhance and demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and professionalism required by employers and patients; continually demonstrate professionalism in the community and on the Guam Community College (GCC) campus; and protect the student’s right to learn, and promote effective, efficient health care delivery through the optimal use of multi-skilled medical assistant students, well maintain the following core values of the medical assistant:

  • Actively participate in the delivery of quality healthcare.

  • Promote patient safety and well-being.

  • Contribute to the positive healthcare experience for patients.

  • Demonstrate integrity and respect and protect confidentiality.

  • Advocate the essential value of certification and continued education.

  • Embrace change, growth, and learning.

Barbara Mafnas
Katsuyoshi Uchima

Phi Theta Kappa (Beta Beta Xi Chapter)

The promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership, and service and cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of the College.

Eric Chong

Pilar Pangelinan

Juanita Tenorio

Carl Torres II

Practical Nursing Student Association (PNSA)

To provide support and leadership opportunities to undergraduate nursing students throughout the nursing program; to provide a closer bond and a more unified spirit among the students and faculty in order to further the ideals and purposes of the nursing program; to provide a forum for the development of work groups (e.g., fund raising, graduation, recognition, community service); to bring concerns of the nursing student body to the faculty/Program Director; and to provide an opportunity for creativity, self-expression, and participation in group activities.

Rosemary Loveridge

Loressa Melegrito

Sci-πath-Club (SπC)

To promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the mathematical and scientific world throughout the college and the local community. The area of emphasis shall include but is not limited to general biology, chemistry, marine biology, environmental biology, microbiology, ecology, geology, mathematics, and physics. The club shall seek to foster and teach “scientific and mathematical thinking” that is useful in today’s workforce and is necessary for lifelong learning through extracurricular and service projects; to provide support on campus and in the community for education and training of all things scientific and mathematical; to recruit volunteers to assist and execute campaigns on/off campus; to encourage the GCC community to work cooperatively in assisting the SπC to achieve its goals.

John Michael Jocson

Anthony Jay Sunga

Social Justice Society (SJS)

To facilitate networking and career building activities in order to create a more cohesive and professional student community. To provide forums that focus on the interaction between students, faculty, program alumni, professionals employed in the field, and members of the broader community. We are committed to developing networks with future social and criminal justice employers, COPSA, and faculty members in the Criminal Justice and Social Science Department to promote awareness of social justice issues in society. We also strive to help develop team building and leadership skills. Furthermore, the Social Justice Society shall:

  • Provide support on campus for Criminal Justice and Interdisciplinary Studies majors and to foster collegiality;

  • Recruit students into the Criminal Justice and Interdisciplinary Studies Programs; and

  • Encourage the GCC community to work cooperatively in assisting the Social Justice Society to achieve its goals. 

 Jonah Concepcion

Donna Cruz

Jose Munoz


Society of Management Industry Leaders for Excellence (SMILE)

To serve as a support group for all students seeking a business degree, and to teach members to be socially aware and to provide service to the community.

Fred Tupaz 

Veterans Club

To provide a network of support to military veterans, their families and civilian supporters; secondly, to educate the community about the experiences of military veterans and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans; thirdly, to cultivate student veterans concerns through scheduled meetings, advocacy, social and recreational activities; and finally, to foster esprit de corps among student veterans and promote an understanding of student veterans issues.

Fred Tupaz

Visual Voices Club (ViVo)

To educate and share the rich culture of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, promoting accessibility and inclusion in the community, the GCC Visual Voices Club shall:

  • Advocate and spread awareness of persons with disabilities

  • Fundraise for opportunities for professional development

  • Encourage the GCC community to work cooperatively in assisting the GCC Visual Voices Club to achieve its goals

Marsha Postrozny-Torres
Melissa Palomo

Kirsten Rosario