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Transfer of Credits to GCC

Transfer of Credits from Postsecondary Institutions

A student who has studied at another accredited college or university is granted credit for previous work if such course work meets Guam Community College’s educational requirements or if comparable courses are included in GCC’s curriculum. Transfer credit is given for courses taken at another college or similar institution that closely correspond to those offered at GCC. When transfer credit is granted for a particular course, the requirements for the course have been successfully met (only courses with a minimum grade of “C” are considered for transfer), and credit is indicated on the student’s transcript. No letter grade is provided. Evaluation of transfer course work will only be completed upon receipt of the Evaluation Request Form. 


  • Official transcripts are received directly from the institution where the credits were earned.

  • The course is at the postsecondary level; with GCC, this means the course is at the 100 level or above and receives undergraduate level credit.

  • Credits earned outside of GCC are equal to or greater than the credits to be received from GCC.

  • The student has earned a “C” grade or higher (or equivalent).

  • The course is not a credit awarded for life experience.


Full English translations of course descriptions, as well as a NACES, approved course by course evaluation are required for any international student seeking to receive transfer credit. Program faculty or Department Chair will determine whether any transfer course does or does not fulfill any program requirement, except where there is clear equivalence between the transfer course and the GCC course, in which case the Registrar makes the decision. Transfer students will be advised to contact the Department Chair of their program for evaluation of any course that does not transfer as equivalent to a GCC course but which the student believes should satisfy a program requirement. A form or template will be utilized for this purpose.

The transfer evaluation provided to the student at the beginning of the student’s matriculation at GCC will be entered into the student’s permanent record unless specific errors are found (e.g. misidentifying the number of credits for a course or giving a student credit for a course more than once) or the student requests and is granted a modification by the Dean and the Academic Vice President.

It is the student's responsibility to have transcripts of all previous work sent to the College and to request an Evaluation of Records by the Admissions & Registration office.

Listing of Transferrable credits and Articulation agreements

Guam Community College School Code: 015361

Mail to:
Guam Community College
Admissions & Registration Office
Attn: Transcript Request
P.O. Box 23069 GMF
Barrigada, Guam 96921


For more information, contact:
Admissions and Registrations Office: (671) 735-5531